Ali Rehan Education System and Hamza Rehan Education System were started by Sir Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui (Late) in the year 2010. Sir Rehan Ahmed had worked day and night to establish these free of cost schools that serve the underpriviliged families in th slum areas of Ilyas Goth and Ali Brohi Goths in Karachi. The schools were launched in partnership with Sind Education Foundation under IELP Program (now known as SAS ), which sponsors the tuition fee of all the students. School are equipped with library, spacious classrooms, solar electricity/generator backups, audio-video room, and computer lab. Management is striving hard to upgrade the infrastructure and teaching standards to bring these schools at par with any other good educational institution.

Sind Education Foundation plays a key role in, assiting the school management, organising teacher-trainings and management trainings, providing free-of-cost study resources and course books, and most importantly, conducting regular surveys to ensure quality standards are maintained in every respect. The whole management team of SEF has been extremely cooperative and supportive throughout past ten years of schools'operations.

Sir Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui believed that educating a child could lead to educating the whole family. And that the education has power of giving a better to our future generations. The slum areas where schools are established were extremely deprived of all basic facilities. It is hard for those communities to afford good food, healthcare. Spending on education was no where on their prioroty list. Children used to start working

After the sad demise of Sir Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui on January,25th,2021, his wife, Mrs Shaista Rehan is managing the operations of the school and taking his mission forward.

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